Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: 27th July, 2016

The Platform for Agricultural Policy Analysis and Coordination (PAPAC) on behalf of Partnership Accountability committee (PAC) and Policy Analysis Group (PAG) convened agriculture stakeholders from the public and private sectors, farmer organizations and development partners for half a day on July 27th, 2016 at the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) – Mount Meru Conference room in Dar es Salaam. The objective of this half-day engaging session was to discuss the priority policy issues which require reforms under the New Alliance/Grow Africa implementation, following the Annual Agricultural Policy Conference (AAPC) which took place in February this year.

During this meeting, the participants also had an opportunity to review the New Alliance/Grow Africa 2016 report ahead of its presentation and submission to the agriculture stakeholders in the forthcoming Validation Workshop scheduled for mid-August this year.

The policies under review had the following thematic areas: Innovation and Technology – leveraging mobile technology, agriculture sector policy with a focus on food security, markets and trade, enabling environment for private sector, land tenure, access to technology and finance and input policy.

Participants have committed to continue to furnish the two key documents ahead of their presentation.

On her closing remarks, Ms. Nkuvililwa Simkanga who is the Director of Policy and Planning from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries thanked the participants for their active participation and contribution. She urged each participant to play their role to ensure that the report to be presented is clean and accurate to demonstrate our commitment to the process. She als extended invitation to the participants to the Nane Nane fair happening in Lindi (Nationalwise) or in Mbeya, Morogoro and Arusha.

– End –

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