Developing the knowledge, skills and talent of youth to further food security and nutrition

Year of publication: 2016
Pages: #60 p.
Job Number: I5024;

Abstract:This document will provide case studies from different regions, that set out the challenges, successes and lessons learned relating to the development of knowledge, skills and capacity for youth in agriculture. Bearing in mind the necessity of addressing various approaches for targeting youth, case studies cover the areas of peer-to-peer knowledge transfer, vocational training and skills development, and education systems and research. Specific issues concerned with how to integrate traditional or intergenerational knowledge and the use of new technologies will be interwoven throughout the various case studies. The conclusion will offer insights into how learning from these initiatives can inform the broader policy environment as well as the design of youth targeted policies, projects and programmes – with the overarching objective of providing attractive, remunerative and sustainable livelihoods for youth in agriculture to further food security and nutrition.

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