Africa’s agricultural transformation scorecard in 2018

We are in 2018, the African Union Commission presented the Biennial Review Report to the AU Assembly of Heads of State and Government in Addis Ababa in January. For the heads of state to speak to the merits of measurement, country by country, and government accountability in delivering an agricultural transformation is a major milestone for Africa.

The Africa Agricultural Transformation Scorecard (AATS), the first of its kind in Africa, captures the continent’s agricultural progress based on a pan-African data collection exercise led by the African Union Commission’s Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture (DREA), NEPAD Agency and Regional Economic Communities in collaboration with technical and development partners. Countries were assessed on the seven commitments in the Malabo declaration, across 43 indicators.

The AATS tracks progress in commitments made by AU Heads of State and Government throughComprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) and the Malabo Declaration to increase prosperity and improved livelihoods for transforming agriculture. The indicators chosen to track the performance categories were defined on the basis of the strategic objectives derived from the Malabo Declaration.

These initiatives have been bolstered by recent pushes for greater accountability and monitoring within African agriculture and food security efforts. The 2016 Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) held in Nairobi yielded a commitment from AGRF partners to develop an agricultural transformation scorecard ahead of the CAADP biennial review. The scorecard measures and tracks indicators covering financial and policy commitments to ensure accountability and action in the CAADP process.

These efforts represent critical steps towards development that is sustainable and country-owned. The more governments adopt policies to complement agricultural development efforts, the greater the gains we will see in economic growth and food and nutrition security on the continent. Here is to a prosperous and accountable Africa in 2018.

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